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Stamping machines / marking machines

How you can mark parts with repeat accuracy with metal stamps.

Processes with repeat accuracy are essential for industrial manufacturing. That does not only apply to the production itself, but also for the marking of the parts.

Every production line is different. The requirements regarding the product marking as well as the complete traceability of the product exist independently of that.

But how can you mark parts quick, repeat accuracy and economic in your production?

With stamping machines or stamping integration units from LB-Praegetechnik you are able to mark your part individually, permanently and fraud resistant.


We show you the different types of machines and where you can use them.


Stamping machines – What is it and what tools can you use on them?

A stamping machine consists of various components. A spring-mechanical impact spindle is integrated into a mechanical stand. Then a tool/stamp is inserted into the spindle. The following stamps can be used:


Stamping machines are available in manual and pneumatic versions as well as different power classes – dependent of how many characters you want to mark with one stroke.

Mark quick and economic in automatic production lines

Parts can also be marked with metal stamps in automated production lines. To do that, a spring-mechanic impact spindle or a pneumatic built-in impact unit is integrated into the line.

There are also various models available – dependant of how the materials and the number of characters you want to mark with a shorter or longer stroke.

Please inform yourself about our products on our website or directly call us. We are pleased to consult you and find the perfect solution for your intended use.


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Manual stamping machines

Pneumatic stamping machines

Pneumatic built-in impact units