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Dot-peen marking / scribing machines

Traceability-ready parts with DataMatrix-Code marking.

Product piracy and the counterfeiting of great original products is increasing.

For manufacturers of original products, it is getting more and more important to protect themselves from plagiarism.

The requirements of OEM as well as their suppliers regarding traceability, which means the product identification are also increasing.

A DataMatrix-Code on products and parts finds its way into more and more branches ass is getting a market standard.

With dot-peen marking machines from LB-Praegetechnik you are able to mark your parts and products individually, permanently and fraud resistant and fulfill the requirements of OEM.


We show you how dot-peen marking machines work and which advantages these marking systems have.

The flexible all-rounders

Dot-peen marking machines are true all-rounders and offer you maximum flexibility for your product marking.

Most dot-peen marking machines have 2 operation modes: Dot-peen marking and scribing.

Serial numbers, logos and characters as well as DataMatrix-Codes can be marked economically and fast with a dot-peen marking machine – not only into metal parts, also in parts made of plastics. But the most important thing is: the marking is permanent.

But what means permanent?

When we say permanent, then we mean permanent - why?

Even if a DataMatrix-Code, serial number or any other marking is mechanically removed from a part, the marking can be made visible again. The reason for that is the material-supressing marking method.

This is the big advantage against laser marking!

Due to the material-supressing marking method, your serial parts are permanently traceable and protected from plagiarism. The big advantage against laser marking is, that the marking with a laser is done only on the surface. As a result, the marking is not permanently protected against external influences.

The „material-friendly” way to mark your products

In the case of dot-peening an oscillating carbide tip impacts the material in arbitrary distances. The result is a dot lettering or a DataMatrix-Code. The mechanical stress on the workpiece is very low, which is a great advantage of the dot-peen marking method. However, the marking is made at a high noise level.

That is different when scribing.

Scribing: No mark is more beautiful and above all silent

In the case of scribing a carbide or diamond tip is pressed and pulled through the material surface. There is nearly no kindling. The result is a continuous lettering.

Marking of type plates is one example of the scribing method.

The advantages of scribing are the very fine and pretty markings. In addition, scribing as a very quiet marking method. However, the effort to fix the part while marking is way higher than with the dot-peen marking method.

Dot-peen marking machines are used as tabletop machines as well as hand-held mobile units. They are also suitable for the integration into automated manufacturing lines.

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